Dixie Ball 2.2 Released

December 21st, 2023
By Christopher Shilts

Dixie Ball 2.2 is our most immersive update yet. This update took allot of work from our team, and goes a long way toward improving immersion.

We where plagued by sickness, and things kept coming up in our lives, but the Dixie Ball team managed to get this update ready. We are planning to take a much deserved Christmas break, and come back to development around the new year.

New Features:

  • Flanked playable area with out of bounds map meshes to improve immersion and aesthetics;
  • Added rain and snow system, with rainfall sound effects;
  • Added fog;
  • Added Stalagmites and Stalactites to cave network;
  • Added a water stream to the first geyser room in the caves;
  • Sound is now muffled when underwater;
  • Underwater Camera Effect;

Bug Fixes:

  • Got all trees to dither when they come between player and camera;
  • Fixed shiny landscape due to wrong material;

We hope you enjoy playing Dixie Ball 2.2!

Christopher Shilts