Dixie Ball 2.4:

Laying a soldier to rest in Dixie Ball

Our team has had the nagging feeling that the game is too empty, that there’s not enough things for the player to do or reason to explore the map...
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Dixie Ball 2.3:

We are pleased to announce the release of Dixie Ball version 2.3...
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Dixie Ball 2.2:

Dixie Ball Leaving Home

Dixie Ball 2.2 is our most immersive update yet. This update took allot of work from our team, and goes a long way toward improving immersion...
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Dixie Ball 2.1.1:

Awhile ago I invested another $500 into 33 Gamma L.L.C, the company responsible for Dixie Ball’s development. This time in addition to funding our server infrastructure and other expenses, my company acquired a video card on the used market that was about 7x more powerful than the one I had been developing with...

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Dixie Ball 2.1:

Dixie Ball Lantern

There are allot of changes made in 2.1, which individually may seem small, but together should improve the game. We where working on much more involved features such as adding landscaping to the out of bounds sections, but we wanted to get these improvements out to our players asap. We have a strong suspicion no one has as of yet actually finished the game, and believe this is in part due to some area’s being too difficult, or puzzles being poorly explained. This update includes numerous attempts to address these concerns...

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Dixie Ball 2.0.1:

Dixie Ball Canyon

Since releasing Dixie Ball 2.0, we have received allot of feedback from players. Most of the issues brought up where due to a lack of properly communicating how to play this game with the player, but some where oversights or outright bugs...

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Dixie Ball 2.0:

Dixie Ball Meadow

We started development of Dixie Ball with the intention of making a Marble it Up! Inspired platformer game. We kept having problems with our parkour jump system, and as a result pulled jump completely out of the game. This forced us to re-think what we where doing. We started playing around with the idea of having only a single map, and turning this into an adventure game. The result is what you see in the 2.0 version.

It has been allot of work getting version 2.0 ready. We had numerous setbacks and delays, and there where times I wondered if we’d be able to pull it off. It is essentially a completely new game from the 1.x series, which was little more than a prototype that could be played in under 10 minutes. Now the game takes a little over 2 hours to play with sufficient skill.

We made the decision to make this game free and open source in the hopes of expanding the public domain. In addition to the source code, the songs Bonnie Blue Flag, Dixie Land, Southern Soldier, and the Dixie Ball theme song (which you hear in the cabin at the games beginning), are being released for use by anyone. We hope they will be useful.

Christopher Shilts,

CEO of 33 Gamma L.L.C.

Dixie Ball

December: 20th, 2021:

A few months ago, I launched 33 Gamma's flagship website, Manistee Speaks. During this time I have written many editorials, and spent a lot of energy promoting the website to my local community. It was, and continues to be my hope that people can bypass the corporate media by starting local community sites across the country- and in so doing regain some semblance of honest journalism.

So far I can report having an audience of approximately 100-150 people, many of them local to Manistee County. Advertising consists of putting a few fliers on bulletin boards, and me walking around town with a sign in my hands reading “Manistee Speaks .com”. I know this sounds rather silly, but it actually works. If you’d like to read my articles, please visit manisteespeaks.com.

~Christopher Shilts,
CEO of 33 Gamma L.L.C,
& Editor in Chief of Manistee Speaks