Dixie Ball 2.1 released:

August 5th, 2023
by Christopher Shilts

Dixie Ball Lantern

There are allot of changes made in 2.1, which individually may seem small, but together should improve the game. We where working on much more involved features such as adding landscaping to the out of bounds sections, but we wanted to get these improvements out to our players asap. We have a strong suspicion no one has as of yet actually finished the game, and believe this is in part due to some area’s being too difficult, or puzzles being poorly explained. This update includes numerous attempts to address these concerns.

The Changes:

  • Added a board to the pit of despair, greatly reducing the likelihood of a player failing to get enough to repair the bridge
  • Placed checkpoints in the pit of despair, making the area more forgiving should the player fall
  • Changed player character’s torch into a lantern to remove some confusion about not playing an arsonist
  • Added some trees to the meadow area
  • Raised homestead meshes to correct height relative to terrain
  • Added a checkpoint to the meadow TNT camp, and removed the checkpoint after the meadow wall as it was redundant
  • Added smoke to unused checkpoints to help the player find them
  • Moved first forest encampment tents so they no longer clip into each-other
  • Added lots of rocks to first confederate encampment area, and waterfall region
  • Fixed cave cannons not having explosions

Christopher Shilts,

CEO of 33 Gamma L.L.C.

Dixie Ball